Our School Emblem

Each part of the school emblem has a meaning. The LILIES around it stands for purity. The colors, BLUE stands for freedom from ignorance which is the cause of all evil. RED symbolizes hard word, vigor, willpower, determination, strength and leadership. YELLOW speaks of joy, happiness and intellect. Mother Mary, the queen of peace is the patron of the school. The RED CROSS, symbolizes the sacrifice of Jesus Christ who saved the whole humanity by dying on cross for our suns and his message is “love one another as I loved you” Book, stands for Knowledge, invites to acquire knowledge and share our knowledge with others. Light is a symbol of Jesus Christ who calls to become the children of light [God].The key words “LEAD ME TO LIGHT” is a prayer of every student that each may be led to the true Light Jesus Christ Himself who eludes all evil.

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