Disciplinary Rules

  1. Every student is required to possess and read the student's Hand book which must be brought to the school every day. Ignorance of the rules will not be accepted as an excuse.
  2. Students must be present everyday for the Morning Prayer and assembly at 7:00 am (summer) 8:00 am (winter)

    THE SCHOOL GATE WILL BE CLOSED DURING ASSEMBLY: Even if, residing far from school, no excuses will be accepted for persistent late coming. Habitual late comers will have to return home and incidence of coming late more than three times in a month will invite a fine.

  3. No student is allowed to leave the school during working hours without the written permission of the principal.
  4. Students must refrain from entering the other classroom/restricted workrooms and staff rooms, prohibited areas and no entry zones/places within the school without prior permission.
  5. After class hours no Student is expected to remain in the campus unless there is a function/program or rehearsal/games practice.
  6. Everyone is expected to speak in English in the school.
  7. Preparing daily lessons, Home and Class assignments must be the prime duty of every student. They are expected to be diligent in study and work and submit all assignments in time. Students will not be allowed to appear for examination, if the assignments/projects are incomplete and not submitted within the time period.
  8. Strict silence in the classrooms and orderliness in the verandahs is to be maintained during school hours. No one is allowed to bring to school any object which would prove a source of distraction.
  9. Personal hygiene and cleanliness is expected from every student.
  10. Care of school property and cleanliness of the school premises is the duty of the student. They are asked not to deface the walls or ruin the furniture. Dustbins and baskets are provided for waste paper. Damage to school property or premises has to be paid for.
  11. No books, newspaper or magazines other than those needed for class work will be allowed without permission from the principal. Slam books are strictly forbidden.
  12. Students who lose library books are break laboratory equipment will have to make good the loss. They also must pay for damaged, defected, loss of pages, mutilation and any other damage discovered on return of books and articles as per actuals.
  13. Students must look after their own belonging/cycle. The school is not responding for the lost articles.
  14. Cell phones, any kind of electronic gadgets and valuable articles are strictly prohibited in the school premises. If a student is found in possession of any such article, he/she is liable to be suspended from school. The management has the right to check the belongings of any student in case of suspicion.
  15. The students shall not entertain strangers/visitors in the school premises at all times.
  16. Students indulging in immoral acts of any kind act against public sanitation, resorting to violence, act calculated to cause public nuisance, public disturbance, communal troubles or breach of public peace will constitute a major offence against discipline.
  17. Students must be polite in their speech; courteous in manner and gentle with one another. They are expected to grow in refined, mature conduct and self discipline. They must respect all their teachers/administrative and supportive staff and co-operate with the school leaders, house captains and class perfects.
  18. Students must be present for all the activities/programs / functions conducted by the school. They must be regular and punctual. Habitual absence, idleness and disobedience justify dismissal.
  19. Student must attend seminars, workshops, Orientation Programs and special classes in Saturday/holidays or whenever they are arranged by the school. Absenting from these sessions without a genuine reason will result in serious action and a fine.
  20. All students are expected to attend school on the re-opening day after every vacation. No one will be allowed to leave on vacation (Summer-Dushera, Christmas) will be charged a fine unless they have a genuine reason. In case of sickness/emergency/tragedy; parents must inform the principal/class teacher at the earliest and produce a leave letter/medical certificate for examination from the fine.
    1. If a student is likely to be absent for more than a week due to illness, the principal must be informed immediately.
    2. No child suffering from an infectious or contagious disease will be permitted to attend school, unless he/she produces a medical certificate, stating that she is free from infection.
    3. If a student is suffering from any serious/chronic illness, the parents have to bring it to the notice to principal and class Teacher without delay. Parents have to leave details of what measure are to be taken / medicines to be given/emergency contact no. /with the principal in case any emergency arises, failing which the school will not be held responsible.
    4. A medical Certificate and relevant records are to be submitted for exemption from sports, games, campus activities, picnics etc.
  21. No student or staff member will be called to the telephone during school hours. Urgent message, however, will be conveyed to them.
  22. Every student is expected to carry packed lunch break. No student will be allowed to leave the school premises during the lunch break. As per police guidelines, no lunch baskets can be delivered at the school gate.
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