Bus Rules

  1. School buses are properly maintained and are driven by persons having valid driving license. The school does not undertake any responsibility for the safety of anyone travelling in its buses.
  2. The bus facility is extended to students, only when there is an availability of seats and is at the Principal’s discretion and can be withdrawn at any time.
  3. Students will board and alight only at fixed bus stop. Parents and children are requested not to ask the driver or attendant to stop the buses at unauthorized bus stop.
  4. Parents must instruct their children travelling by bus to obey those in charge. Disobedience will render them liable to be deprived of their place in the bus and in case of any damage, the parent is liable to make good the damage
  5. Children found misbehaving in the bus will be suspended from travelling in the bus and cannot claim refund of balance fare if any.
  6. Bus fees will be charged for 10 months of the year. There may be a rise in bus fees, if found necessary, in the middle of the year.
  7. Children using the bus need to get an endorsement by the Principal in their respective calendar.
  8. One month advance notice in writing must be given by the parents to the school in case they wish to discontinue using the bus facility. Otherwise they will have to pay for the month.
  9. Parents are to deal directly with the school on any matter dealing with the bus service and are not to deal with the bus employees.
  10. In the event of a child’s not being at the stop at the scheduled time, the bus will proceed without the child. It will be the responsibility of the parents/Guardian to reach the child to school. In the event of there being no one to receive the child at the stop on the return journey the child will be brought back to school and the parents will have to collect the child from the school authorities.
  11. Parents are requested to send in writing their request for the use of the bus facility.
  12. Boys of higher classes (VII to XII) are advised to use bicycle for their conveyance.
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